Hello All,

I am trying to compress some TIFF images to JP2 using the kdu_compress 
command as outlined in the Technical Guidelines for 2015.  The command 
seems to run just fine but I cannot get it to add the XML box.  I am using 
the kdu_compress command straight from the guidelines with a "-jp2_box 
mydata.xml" parameter.  I suspect my error is in how I have formatted my 
XML file.  

I know the file must start with "xml " followed by a newline and then my 
text; however, no matter how I build the file, it never gets included in 
the final JP2.

I am using the files from the example NDNP digital assets page.  I use 
JHOVE to display the data in the JP2.  I can see the XML box in the 
original JP2 but it never shows up in my version.

Any hints on where to look would be appreciated.