Hi all,

Thanks for all the positive support and comments. It looks like the end of July in Oregon works the best for most people. 


I will craft the outcomes document and send to NEH and LC for approval, which will allow us to support your travel.


I hope to have dates nailed down and a registration form up by the end of the week.


Thanks again!




From: Karen Estlund
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 4:28 PM
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Cc: Sheila Rabun
Subject: ChronAm users meeting?


Hi all,


I am querying about interest in an in-person chronam developers meeting.  We have some funds that NEH may allow us to use to sponsor such an event. The outcomes would be an agreed direction to support a state-level version of the chronam software and ideally in a format that could be run on AWS for institutions without internal support.


Please respond to me directly, if you would be interested in participating in such a meeting, any particular outcomes that you would like to see, and if you would prefer a meeting in July in Oregon or coupled with the NDNP meeting in September in DC.


If there is sufficient interest, we will set up a collaborative document to confirm outcomes and work on logistics.






Karen Estlund

Digital Scholarship Center, Head

Oregon Digital Newspaper Program, Director

University of Oregon Libraries

Eugene, OR 97403-1299


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