I used color images in a local chronam instance and they seemed to work out and display properly. You can see here where all of our yearbook covers were scanned in color.


We used png images. I’m not sure what might be causing this on your end.


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I know I've asked this before, but I just spent another chunk of time trying to find an answer and figured it might be worth another shot.

I can't figure out what's causing images (thumbnails, zooming viewer image tiles) to always appear as grayscale--even if the loaded original (JP2 or TIFF) is in color.  I've combed through the code for anything that I think would produce grayscale and I'm coming up empty. I know I'm missing something--downloading a page image from the interface returns the full-color version.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated--we're trying to use the Chronam software for post-1923 papers and it seems like a shame to lose the color if we have it.




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