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VHS and tapes on Human Resources
How to delegate work and ensure it's done right - CareerTrack Vol 2 of 2
Leadership training - Career Track publication
How to give exceptional customer service - CareerTrack Publication
Futureview: A look ahead 20 new tools of technology shaping the 1990s and beyond
Successful delegation
National press publication, Inc.
The career track collection - CareerTrack Publication
The one minute manager
How to get things done
The business of nature September 1992 - Common Ground - Radio series on world affairs (tape)
Problem solving for executives, the no-nonsense guide for coming up with the right answers by John McCollister, Executive book summaries (Tape)
Paulson... makes change work
The best of careertrack: Vol. 3
Why teams don't work - what went wrong and how to make it right - Harvey Robbins and Michael Finley (2 tapes)
Making managers into leaders 5 vols

Safety related VHS June 19 2015
Tri-City Tri-State Bi-National Water Festival 11:00
Homewatch: Outdoor safety GET READY FOR SPRING
"Got to see it to believe it" Pulltarps
"Success through education" 5 copies
How to write and conduct effective performance appraisals Vol.1-2
Selective service system - "A night with the Board"
Kids and airbags
Medicare from a caregiver's point of view
Adding impact to everyday presentation
Getting back to work, National Park Service
The hidden danger, Low-Water Crossing - a production of the National Weather Service, Office of Hydrology Silver Spring, MD
National Park Service Lewis and Clark National Historical Trail 21:00 11/17/1998
Leadership: The step beyond management - Presentation at the managers & supervisors mtg. 5/21/1993 Dr. Lloyd Lewan 1993
Sun Safety for outdoor workers - a skin cancer prevention presentation 13 min. 2000
Surface irrigation / Riego Superficial, Saving water in agricultural"
She's nobody's baby: a history of american women in the 20th century 55 min.
Getting results through learning - closed caption version
Survival! (3 copies)
Safety and Health 11:45
Street smarts - How to avoid being a victim with Detective J.J. Bittenbinder
Seat belt safety buckle up and live - Lucerne Media
Managing change - Dr. Kanter plays Atlanta 25:30
La Mexicana Ballet
Guam U.S.a 12/19/1988
Stress less for more success
Stomp, Stay, Steer - Getting the full benefit from anti-lock brakes
70 by "92 May 1992 8:39
Safety Orientation Audio Ch 1-4 (Natts)
A little accommodation 25 min.
Self-Discipline and emotional control
"Survival" Wyoming Fish and Game, : "Docon" BNA Communications, "Breath Easy" BNA Commincations
Getting results through learning
How chemicals move through soil - The University of Arizonia
Get Fit: Do the Right thing
Supplier Day 1997, "Managing the Relationship" Work force 2020 - C.D'Amico

VHS Martin Luther King "Eye on the Prize", chinese for travellers cassette tape and others
CES: Fifty and fit
Alaskas troubled waters fish biologists monitor oil soaked otters 10:00 min.
"Colonia Crisis" 5 min. 15 sec.
Automated water monitoring system Emery County
An ounce of prevention keeps the germs away
Assault on time 28:17
Chinese for travelers 1 cassette

Martin Luther King
Eyes on the prize 1964-1972
Eyes on the prize 1968-1971
Eyes on the prize 1967 - 1968 (2 copies)
Eyes on the prize 1974 - 1980
Eyes on the prize 1979 - 1983
Eyes to the future Part 1 60 min.
Eyes on the future Part 2 60 min.
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