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CENTRAL ARIZONA PROJECT- LIFETIME TO THE FUTURE This 1985 program explains the history of the entire water project that covers large areas in Arizona and New Mexico.  Fly-overs of the entire system are featured. Length: 8 minutes (1985)

CENTRAL UTAH PROJECT This program tells the history and benefits derived from the Bureau of Reclamation's project located in Utah.  Length: 15 minutes

CHALLENGE AT GLEN CANYON Heavy spring snow caused heavy run-off, which, in turn, caused flooding along the Colorado River System. Consequently, unwanted cavitation occurred in the spillways of Glen Canyon Dam.  This video describes the methods employed in repairing the spillways.  Length: 27 minutes 

COACHELLA CANAL RELINING This 1988 video shows the research done at the laboratory in Denver, Colorado, before the actual field work of relining canals with concrete is done while the canal is full of water.  Length: 33 minutes (April 1988)

THE COLORADO This video is a scenic tour of the Colorado River.  It offers fly-overs of the most spectacular sections of the river.  Length" 21 minutes.

COLUMBIA - A FOUNTAIN OF LIFE This program tells the history behind controlling the Columbia River and the benefits of building Grand Coulee Dam, Washington.  Length: 30 minutes

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