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Getting Results! Richard Rogers
Even Eagles Need a Push CRM flims
The Attitude virus: curing negativity in the workplace CRM flims
The Leadership Challenge (Government Version) CRM Films
Apollo 13 Leadership, Down-to-Earth for you and your Organization CRM Films
Groupthink, Revised edition CRM Films
Workteams and The Wizard of Oz - CRM Flims
Dealing With Conflict - CRM Flims
Violence reducing your risk - An employees guide to avoiding violence in the workplace - Media Partners Corporation
The Psychology of Self-Esteem - CareerTrack Publications (3 copies)
High-Impact Communication Skills - CareerTrack Publications (2 copies)
Master Keys to Ancient Kemet (Egypt) By ASA G. Hillliard III and Listervelt Middleton - Waset Educational Productions
Human Resources Conference - Dr. Roosevelt Thomas
Scott Friedman - Touching hearts, minds, and funny bones!
Satellite broadcast on GPRA 4/28/1997
Federal Quality and Productivity improvements conference May 1990 (2 of 2 Videos)

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