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DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF SAFE DAMS Design, construction and operation of many dams in the United States, are under the control of many agencies, including the Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation.  This program talks about the particular guidelines for the systematic inspection and evaluation of existing dams as well as the importance of systematic evaluation and guidelines for new dams.  Length: 30 minutes

From Central Wyoming into Montana meanders the Bighorn River.  On this river the Yellowtail Dam, southeast of Billings, Montana, which has brought a union of nature and technology for all to share.  See the water sports, boating, camping, etc., that Lake Bighorn has to offer.  Also, see the operation of Yellowtail Dam.  Length: 14 minutes

GREAT WEB OF WATER The history of the Central Valley Project, California, is presented in this video.  It shows over 20 dams and reservoirs, 1,500 miles of canals, etc., that make up the great web of water that is the Central Valley Project.  Length: 28 minutes

TO BUILD A DREAM - A STORY OF HOOVER DAM Hoover Dam, formerly the Boulder Dam, rises 726 feet in the Colorado River on the Arizona-Nevada boundary to form Lake Mead.  This video illustrates 50 years of Hoover Dam history and details the benefits derived by the public. Length: 14-21 minutes.

 HOOVER DAM - ALSO TITLED THE STORY OF HOOVER DAM This video includes actual footage of the construction of Hoover Dam when it was being built in the 1930's.  Length: 27:33 minutes.

HOOVER DAM CONSTRUCTION From the time of conception to the finished project, this informative video program explains the construction of the highest dam in the world - Hoover Dam. Length: 33 minutes


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