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CENTRAL ARIZONA PROJECT- LIFETIME TO THE FUTURE This 1985 program explains the history of the entire water project that covers large areas in Arizona and New Mexico.  Fly-overs of the entire system are featured. Length: 8 minutes (1985) 1 copy 

CENTRAL UTAH PROJECT This program tells the history and benefits derived from the Bureau of Reclamation's project located in Utah.  Length: 15 minutes (2 copy) 

CHALLENGE AT GLEN CANYON Heavy spring snow caused heavy run-off, which, in turn, caused flooding along the Colorado River System. Consequently, unwanted cavitation occurred in the spillways of Glen Canyon Dam.  This video describes the methods employed in repairing the spillways.  Length: 27 minutes (2 copies) 

COACHELLA CANAL RELINING This 1988 video shows the research done at the laboratory in Denver, Colorado, before the actual field work of relining canals with concrete is done while the canal is full of water.  Length: 33 minutes (April 1988) (2 copies) 

THE COLORADO This video is a scenic tour of the Colorado River.  It offers fly-overs of the most spectacular sections of the river.  Length" 21 minutes. (1 copy) 

TO BUILD A DREAM - A STORY OF HOOVER DAM Hoover Dam, formerly the Boulder Dam, rises 726 feet in the Colorado River on the Arizona-Nevada boundary to form Lake Mead.  This video illustrates 50 years of Hoover Dam history and details the benefits derived by the public. Length: 14-21 minutes. (2 copies)

HOOVER DAM - ALSO TITLED THE STORY OF HOOVER DAM This video includes actual footage of the construction of Hoover Dam when it was being built in the 1930's.  Length: 27:33 minutes. (2 copies) 

HOOVER DAM CONSTRUCTION From the time of conception to the finished project, this informative video program explains the construction of the highest dam in the world - Hoover Dam. Length: 33 minutes (1 copy) 

HOOVER DAM 50TH ANNIVERSARY This video features the 1986 50th Anniversary Celebration at the Hoover Dam.Length: 11 minutes (2 copies)

HOW WATER WON THE WEST The late Michael Landon narrates this 1986 general overview of the importance of water to the western states and how Reclamation projects played a major role in the development of the west.  Length: 11 minutes (August 1986) (1 copy) 

HYDROPOWER - A 20TH CENTURY FORCE This 1985 video explains the hydropower facilities of Bureau of Reclamation and how Reclamation upgrades them.  Length: 5:00 minutes (September 1985) (3 copies) 

LAKE POWELL - JEWEL OF THE COLORADO This video describes the historical background for building Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona.  It takes you on a hike to see the beautiful scenery and a boat ride to show you recreational opportunities that were created with Lake Powell.  It takes you into the dam to see the Glen Canyon Dam in operation.  Length: 22 minutes (1 copy) 

LIVING WATERS OF THE COLORADO This program starts the viewer in the Colorado's San Juan Mountains and takes you down the Colorado River.  It provides an overview of the Colorado River Storage Project for Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming. Length:  22 minutes (1 copy) 

MIRACLE OF WATER This video tells the heritage of Reclamation and explains the evolving and changing program that is required for a well-watered, prosperous land.  It also shows why Reclamation built multipurpose projects such as the Central Valley Project in California.  Length:  25 minutes (1 copy)

MOUNTAIN SKYWATER The story of the Colorado River Basin Pilot Project in the San Juan Mountains, Colorado, is presented in this video.  An overview of the cloud-seeding program includes how cloud seeding works.  Length:   28-30 minutes (1 copies) 

A NEW HORIZON This Great Plains orientation tape explains the boundaries of the Great Plains Region, which is one of five regions, that makeup the Bureau of Reclamation. Length: 16 minutes (Revised January 1990) (1 copy) 

NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND NEW SOLUTIONS This 1998 video explains the new technologies and equipment that are a part of Reclamation's continuing efforts to provide safer and more cost effective solutions to water resource problems worldwide.  Length: 5 minutes (2 copies) 

OPERATION GLEN CANYON On the Colorado River you will see the first blast, the building of the world's highest steel bridge and construction of the Glen Canyon Dam.  This magnificent beauty of Glen Canyon is the backdrop for an achievement that serves a large community.  Length: 30 minutes (1 copy)

POWERING ONE CORNER OF THE WORLD The awesome Grand Coulee Dam (Washington), on the Columbia River, is the subject of this 1987 videotape.  It shows the operations of the dam and the many benefits it has brought to the west coast.  Length: 7:29 minutes (8/1987) (1 copy) 

RIO GRANDE - RIBBON OF LIFE This 1986 program describes the 1,800 miles of the Rio Grande River system.  It includes scenes of Reclamation's work, area farms, cities and industry. Length: 13 minutes (2/1986, multi-image transfer to video) (1 copy) 

SNOWFALL TO SANDSTONE This video tells the history and development of the Colorado River Basin.  This program is a multi-length transfer to video.  Length: 14 minutes (1 copy) 

TAKE PRIDE IN AMERICA This 1987 program, narrated by Lou Gossett, jr., seeks the American people help in reducing litter, vandalism, etc., in and around the National Parks and public lands.  Length: 11:08 minutes (June 1987) (1 copy) 

TAKE PRIDE IN AMERICA - A LEGACY OF CARING This 1989 documentary describes the Secretary of the Interior's program to reduce litter, vandalism, etc., in and around the National Parks and public lands. Length: 22 minutes (December 1989) (2 copies) 

TAMING OF BLACK CANYON This video is presented as a tribute to the men and women who pioneered Boulder City, Nevada, and built Hoover Dam.  Through their efforts and innovative skills, techniques were learned for building big projects and meeting great construction challenges.  Length: 24:52 minutes (Bechtel Corporation) (1 copy) 

TETON - DECISION AND DISASTER The Teton Range stretches from southeastern Idaho to northeastern Wyoming.  It is truly the Grand Tetons.  This videotape presentation details the background and reasons for the decision and the disaster of Teton Dam, Idaho Length: 60 minutes (A joint production of KAID-TV, Boise, KUID-TV, Moscow; Copyright; 1976 (2 copies) 

WATER IN THE WEST - TOMORROW'S CHALLENGE Questions asking where the water goes in the arid west begins this 1989 video in the form of a water quiz, The arid west is a land of striking contrast that has a need for water.  Also, the program explains the new direction for the Bureau of Reclamation in this arid region of the United States.  Length: 7:48 minutes (July 1989) (1 copy) 

WETLANDS REGAINED This video explains the San Joaquin Basin Action Plan in which Reclamation participates in the preservation and the restoration of wetlands in the Central Valley of California.  Length: 14:05 minutes (July 1991) (3 copies) 

WATER AND CANAL SAFETY WITH "OTTO OTTER" This lively and entertaining presentation was developed to encourage young people, as well as older people, to be aware of the danger around canals, canal structures, swimming areas, boats, etc., and large bodies of water.  Length:  7:30 minutes (2 copies)  

TETON DAM FAILURE No Audio.  Length: 12:00 (1 copy) 

ONE SATURDAY MORNING - TETON DAM FAILURE Length: 22:30  (2 copies)       


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