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In light of the recent fiasco at OPM, this is important information for federal employees and others.


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News about data breaches at banks, stores, and agencies is an everyday occurrence now. But if your private information has been compromised, it doesn’t feel commonplace to you.

The sooner you find out, and begin damage control, the better off you’ll be., a new website, offers step-by-step checklists of what to do right away, and what to do next, depending on the information that’s been stolen or exposed. It lists warning signs indicating your identity was stolen, and gives websites and phone numbers for organizations you’ll need to reach. And, it has sample letters for disputing fraudulent charges, correcting information in your credit reports, and getting business records relating to the theft.

Check out, bookmark it, and print out the checklists, as your first line of defense against identity theft.


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