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Here are recent posts to New Technologies for Federal Libraries.


Are you interested in the use of technology in federal libraries?  Do you support users who use mobile devices?  Have you implemented any new technologies recently?  Are you looking for new solutions for your users?  If you can say yes to any of these questions, then you will find the blog, New Technologies for Federal Libraries, of value in your search for solutions and innovative tools.  The blog is located at https://newtech4fedlib.sites.usa.gov/.  


We are also looking for contributors to provide fresh perspectives and to help us keep up with new developments.  Is your library using technology to solve problems in new and innovative ways?  Are you a user of mobile devices and can report on new apps and issues related to their use?  Write on tech specific to libraries or report on general issues.  Do you have a unique perspective? Share it with others.  Write on an occasional or frequent basis.


If you want to contribute to this effort contact me via this form on the blog:  https://newtech4fedlib.sites.usa.gov/contact-the-blog-admin/.  In the body of the message, describe your interests and what you want to write about. 


Please pass this message on to others who may be interested.



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