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Rearing of biological control agents for purple loosestrife - A prroduction of the educational television center media service
Restoring the Balance: Biological Control of Purple Lossestrife
Air Monitoring Part 1 Direct reading instruments & Part 2 Contamination Assessment
American Red Cross Video Network - Community CPR 1:50:30
580D Maintenance 19 min.
Dick and Jane - A story on drug abuse with Harry Edwards 55 min.
Preventative maintenance "A case for Reliability". 24 min.
The Dan Petersen Safety Management Series (5 VHS) - Criteria for safety excellence, Evaluating your safety system, What gets measured and rewarded gets done, Safe behavior reinforcement, High participation safety a case study
Buckle up-buckle down
Understanding motorists: the cost to your community
D.O.T. Safety belt education
You need 4-Wheel and you better know how to use it 17 min.
DOI Aviation mishapes FY-94 (min. 20)
Animal awareness: driving in the west
Avoiding poisonous plants 12 min.
Awareness for initial response to hazardous materials incidents 19 min.
The Hidden Danger, Low-Water Crossings
Safety is the balance, The cost of not buckling up
Safety belt education campaign Vince &  Larry, Celebrity spots, 2 hours
A serious look at chain saw safety
Absorption Corp. Absorbent "W" 
Boating Basics
Lab Compliance with RCRA 2 copies
DOI Aircraft Accident synopsis FY91
DOI Aircraft Accident synopsis FY 89
Aircraft accidents- one yankee golf
Chinese Mitten Crabs Video #2 9min. Jan 1999

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