This may be a useful map for reference inquires in your library, too. 

Mapping 7 million gallons of crude oil spills
A thousand pipeline ruptures or spills reported nationwide in the past five years.

"Using data from the PHMSA, High Country News put together a map of every one of those spills in the U.S., from January 2010 to May of this year. " 

Please note, on my computer, the embedded map on the web site is only viewable in Internet Explorer and Firefox, but not Chrome...

It seems to be what library users are looking for, so I have been using the map to find the events, and then using the AAPG Datapages, and other oil and gas citation databases to find the research we have access to in the USGS Library:  http://library.usgs.gov/publiceresources.html ; as well as other government bibliographic and other databases...

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