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Controlling Arundo in Your Watershed - California Department of Fish and game Feb 2000
Noxioius weed a biological wildfire, Dr. Steven Dewey 15 min. Utah State University
A woman's place. Narrated by Julie Harris, An inspiring documentary of achivements
Chinese Mitten Crabs, "Claws 2" Video #2 9 min. Janu 1999
There's no such think as women's work 30min. (2 copies)
Valuing Diversity
The way your back works
Customers as partners with Chip Bell, Creating distinctive service, part 1 and 2
Violence in the work place Part 1 & 2
Your health matters: Basic concepts of chemical safety
Reflections - Soil moisture monitoring
Explosion in slow motion
Executive excellence magazine, audio tapes (6 copies) tapes
The mature executive, tapes
Achieving excellence - Achieve higher output increased quality quicker response and grater profits by Lou Heckler
Success shortcuts - Jimmy Calano
The princeton / Masters personal marketing program / an easier way to change jobs by Bob Gerberg
Unforgettable service... Guilt free selling T. Scott Gross
Sexual harassment - How to protect yourself and your organization with Maria Arapakis
Proactive customer service #8 The telephone "doctor" Nancy Friedman
How to win customers and keep them for life, Michael Leboeuf
Working smarter, Michael Leboeuf
Service - How to keep your customers and build your business with Roger Dow, Marriott Hotels
In search of excellence, The Film. 88 min.
Image and self-projection for today's professional women Dr. Julie White 2 vol. 

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