Related to library inquiries, much of the country's population is experiencing flooding or drought conditions at the moment, the USGS information sources may be of interest:

And also, the Denver Federal Center farmers market is back with plenty of food trucks for lunch and tons of local produce : http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/155145 


Floods: http://water.usgs.gov/floods/

Animation of flood and high flow condition maps for June 2015 : http://waterwatch.usgs.gov/index.php?id=ww_animation_flood

WaterWatch Streamflow Map : http://waterwatch.usgs.gov/index.php?id=flood-gmap

Flood Inundation Mapping (FIM) Program : http://water.usgs.gov/osw/flood_inundation/

Flood Table : http://waterwatch.usgs.gov/index.php?id=wwdp2_2

Google Earth Streamgages KML Files for each State, includes real-time streamflow option to download  : http://waterwatch.usgs.gov/index.php?id=stategage

Note, when I help people in the library, I show them how to layer all the USGS data, such as maps through time, geologic maps, hydrologic maps, streamgages, earthquake events, oil/gas well maps, mineral maps, and so on, in Google Earth, which they can save to their desktop/laptop for meetings and outreach events...

Trinity River Flooding, Texas, Landsat imagery: http://remotesensing.usgs.gov/gallery/gallery.php?cat=3#415


Droughts: http://waterwatch.usgs.gov/?m=dryw

The California Drought: http://ca.water.usgs.gov/data/drought/ 

Washington State: USGS and Department of Ecology Streamflow Gages  : http://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=eeebbe3b85994de48144e93c4803106d&extent=-124.9818,45.3882,-116.8684,48.9922

Alaska : http://alaska.usgs.gov/science/topic.php?tid=2

USGS Cumulative Streamflow Hydrograph Builder: 

Drought Table : http://waterwatch.usgs.gov/index.php?id=wwdrought


Comparison of Streamflow Maps

Current conditions of all streamflow gages in United States: http://waterwatch.usgs.gov/index.php?id=ww_current 

Current conditions of groundwater levels in United States : http://groundwaterwatch.usgs.gov/


Water news stories: 

Colorado high waters take toll; two dead, two more presumed dead

River level to be eased Tuesday

Kayaker killed in accident was popular Snowmass ski instructor

If your agency is at Denver Federal Center or in the Denver area and you have natural hazards and(or) man-made hazards handouts for the public, I can add them to my outreach in the library...

Please stay safe, and enjoy the day!

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