This morning I read this new report released yesterday, and I think it might be useful for other federal librarians, too, for research inquiries related to oil spills. The first author is USGS, but other contributing authors are from the EPA and Army Corps, as well as other research institutes.   
Oil-Particle Interactions and Submergence from Crude Oil Spills in Marine and Freshwater Environments—Review of the Science and Future Science Needs

Just a quick reminder, if you are looking for oil spill citations, searches can be done from any IP address for: 


American Chemical Society:

American Geophysical Union :
- a few journals are open access
- the other journals are open-access from 1997 to 24-months ago 
- California public libraries can obtain free access to all content through the pilot program :

Other research materials are listed on our library web page:

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