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Do you still use THOMAS and have yet to switch to Are you available for a 15 minute telephone interview about search on The Library of Congress needs your help! See today's In Custodia Legis blog via  or the full text below for details!

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THOMAS to Gap Analysis and User Testing
June 25, 2015 by Andrew Weber<>
With each release<> of<>, THOMAS is one step closer to retiring to Monticello<>.  Tina<> has recently joined the team and has been working on a gap analysis between the two systems.  She is identifying items such as the Senate Executive Communications<> and Congressional Record Index<> that exist only on THOMAS as things to address on
Jill<> is ready to look at this from a user testing<> angle and interview some THOMAS users who still haven't made the switch to  Are you one of them?  Are you available for a 15 minute telephone interview about search on
If so, here is how you can help.

 1.  Copy and paste the three questions below into an email.
 2.  Indicate your answer for each question.
 3.  In the email subject line put: THOMAS Search Interview.
 4.  Send to: [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]> by Wednesday, July 1.
 5.  We will be back in touch to set up a time.
1. Please identify yourself. (choose one)

 *   I am a concerned citizen following my member or issues of importance to me
 *   I am a data analyst that uses congressional data in other websites
 *   I work for the U.S. House or Senate on legislative issues
 *   I am a lawyer, lobbyist, librarian, teacher, journalist, government employee, or other professional following legislative issues
 *   I work for CRS<> and am a legislative expert
 *   None of the above. I just thought this would be interesting.
2. What is the main place you search for legislative information? (choose one)

 *   Both and
 *   LIS
 *   Other websites
3. What brought you to recently?

 *   A link from a congressional website (such as a Member's website)
 *   A link from a government site
 *   A link from a non-government site
 *   A web search
 *   I chose it specifically for the work I wanted to do