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Malamud, Carl. 1989. *Ingres: tools for building an information
architecture*. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold.  OCLC #19122528

Cox, Brad J. 1986. *Object-oriented programming: an evolutionary approac*h.
Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley. OCLC #12667792

Date, C. J. 1991. *An introduction to database systems*. Reading, Mass:
Addison-Wesley. 5th ed. reprint with corrections. Volume 1. Addison-Wesley
systems programming series. OCLC #24703770

Date, C. J. 1986. *An introduction to database systems*. Reading, Mass:
Addison-Wesley Pub. Co. 4th ed. Volume 1. Addison-Wesley systems
programming series.  OCLC #11728377

Hursch, Jack L., and Carolyn J. Hursch. 1988. *DBase IV essentials*. Blue
Ridge Summit, PA: Windcrest. 1st ed. OCLC #18290339

Microsoft Corporation. 1989. *Microsoft editor, user's guide: for MS OS/2
and MS-DOS operating systems*. [S.l.]: Microsoft Corporation. OCLC

Thimbleby, Harold. 1990. *User interface design*. New York, N.Y.: ACM
Press. ACM Press frontier series. OCLC #21231782

Martin, James. 1977. *Computer data-base organization*. Englewood Cliffs,
N.J.: Prentice-Hall. 2nd ed. Prentice-Hall series in automatic
computation.  OCLC #2983100

Donaldson, Hamish. 1979. *Designing a distributed processing system*. New
York: Wiley. OCLC #5564259

Nemhauser, George L. 1966. I*ntroduction to dynamic programming*. New York:
Wiley. Series in decision and control.  OCLC #424042

Bellman, Richard, and Stuart E. Dreyfus. 1962. *Applied dynamic programming*.
Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. OCLC #475119

Fried, Louis. 1979. *Practical data processing management*. Reston, Va:
Reston Pub. Co. OCLC #4775965

Kroenke, David M. 1983. *Database processing: fundamentals, design,
implementation*. Chicago: Science Research Associates. 2nd ed. OCLC #8688767

Turley, James L. 1988. *Advanced 80386 programming techniques*. Berkeley,
Calif: Osborne McGraw-Hill. OCLC #18082750

Strauss, Edmund. 1987. *80386 technical reference*. New York, N.Y.: Brady.
OCLC #15696972

Poniatowski, Marty. 1994. *The HP-UX systems administrator's "how to" book*.
Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: PTR Prentice Hall. OCLC #28147921

Young, Douglas A. 1990. *The X window system: programming and applications
with Xt*. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall. OCLC #20593252

McGilton, Henry, and Rachel Morgan. 1983. *Introducing the UNIX system*.
New York: McGraw-Hill. OCLC #8953329

*3 copies available*

Inmon, William H., and Richard D. Hackathorn. 1994. *Using the data
warehouse*. New York: Wiley. OCLC #30593121

Hutt, A. T. F. 1979. *A relational data base management system*. Chichester
[England]: J. Wiley. Wiley series in computing.  OCLC #5336801

International Organization for Standardization. 1982. *Data processing
software*. Genève, Switzerland: ISO Central Secretariat. 1st ed. ISO
standards handbook, 9.  OCLC 8719032

United States. 1977. *Staff study of computer security in Federal programs*.
Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off. OCLC #2777471

Parker, Donn B. 1981. *Computer security management*. Reston, Va: Reston
Pub. Co. OCLC #7282136

Enger, Norman L. 1976. *Documentation standards for computer systems*.
Fairfax Station, Va: Technology Press. OCLC #2164903

Eckhouse, Richard H., and L. Robert Morris. 1979. *Minicomputer systems:
organization, programming, and applications (PDP-11)*. Englewood Cliffs,
N.J.: Prentice-Hall. 2nd ed. OCLC #4591296

Liu, Yu-cheng, and Glenn A. Gibson. 1986. *Microcomputer systems: the
8086/8088 family : architecture, programming, and design*. Englewood
Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall. OCLC #12810787

Levy, Henry M., and Richard H. Eckhouse. 1989. *Computer programming and
architecture: the VAX*. [Bedford, Mass.]: Digital Press. 2nd ed. OCLC

Chou, George Tsu-der. 1985. *DBASE III handbook*. Indianapolis, Ind: Que
Corp. OCLC #12340653

Simpson, Alan. 1989. *Understanding dBase IV*. San Francisco: SYBEX.
Special ed. OCLC #19071005

Smith, Patrick. 1994. *Client/server computing*. Carmel, Ind: Sams Pub. 2nd
ed. OCLC #30059204 *2 copies*

International Organization for Standardization. 1982. *Data processing:
hardware.* Genève, Switzerland: International Organization for
Standardization. 1st ed. OCLC #10754782

Ferraro, Richard F. 1988. *Programmer's guide to the EGA and VGA cards*.
Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley. OCLC #17300945

Norton, Peter. 1986. *Inside the IBM PC*. New York, NY: Brady
Communications Co. Rev. and enl. OCLC #12752407

Schwartz, Andrew N. 1986. *Using Smart*. Indianapolis, Ind: Que Corp. OCLC