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USGS Ups Ease of Use for Landsat Data

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Landsat Image of the Week: 

2015 Earthquake and Landslides, Nepal: http://remotesensing.usgs.gov/gallery/gallery.php?cat=2#414

35th Anniversary of Mount St. Helens Eruption: http://remotesensing.usgs.gov/gallery/gallery.php?cat=3#413


Views in the News - use the vertical bar to view the before and after land changes : 

35th Anniversary of Mount St. Helens Eruption: http://eros.usgs.gov/views-news/mount-st-helens

The Rio Grande in Drought :http://eros.usgs.gov/views-news/rio-grande


Image Gallery: http://eros.usgs.gov/imagegallery


A question we receive often: where can I purchase the EROS Earth as Art images, I am looking to frame them like artwork in my home or office? 

Go to the USGS Store (http://store.usgs.gov) and select the image of interest : http://store.usgs.gov/b2c_usgs/b2c/display/(xcm=r3standardpitrex_prd&layout=6_1_61_50_2&uiarea=2&ctype=areaDetails&carea=0000001913)/.do

A tip for using the USGS Store = always change the setting to : Products Per Page = 100    

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