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CaMMS Forum: BIBFRAME Experimentation and Development

When: Sunday, June 28, 2015 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm

Location: Moscone Convention Center 132 (N)

BIBFRAME, in the early stages of development, has moved into a time rich 
with experimentation and possibilities. Come and join us for a lively 
hour of presentation and discussion, covering experimental projects 
underway at the University of Washington and about vocabulary 
development occurring with a group of partner libraries.

*Speaker 1: Joseph Kiegel*

The University of Washington has been working actively on BIBFRAME since 
2014.This presentation describes three separate projects.The first 
involved staff training in RDF and BIBFRAME, and then a review of 
converted MARC records.The process of organizing for the review is 
described and sample results are given.In a second project, a mapping 
from RDA Core to BIBFRAME was developed and tested using native RDA 
cataloging.A third project, which is in its initial stages, involves 
assembling a body of topically related material in CONTENTdm, MARC and 
EAD and converting them to BIBFRAME.

*Speaker 2: Nancy Fallgren*:

The National Library of Medicine ('NLM') has proposed that BIBFRAME 
should be a lean, broadly shareable vocabulary that is supplemented with 
more specificity from other more specialized descriptive schema. Toward 
that goal, NLM has been collaborating with Zepheira, George Washington 
University, and University of California, Davis, on development of 
Zepheira's BF Lite vocabulary.  This presentation will provide an update 
on the progress of that collaboration.

*Speaker Biographies*

*Joseph Kiegel* is Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services at the 
University of Washington Libraries in Seattle.Beginning his career as a 
cataloger, he has held supervisory positions in cataloging and 
monographic acquisitions for 30 years.He has been active in the UW 
Metadata Implementation Group and in an XSLT Study Group.He has served 
on committees in the Orbis Cascade Alliance regarding collaborative 
technical services and the implementation of a shared ILS.He has an MLIS 
and an MA in Russian from the University of Iowa.

*Nancy Fallgren*is the Metadata Librarian in the Cataloging and Metadata 
Management Section of the National Library of Medicine.  She became 
involved with BIBFRAME in October 2012 as NLM's representative to the 
Library of Congress' Early Experimenters group and has been actively 
working on BIBFRAME development ever since.  Nancy leads NLM's BIBFRAME 
experimentation team and is also a member of NLM's Linked Data 
Infrastructure Working Group.

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