An updated statement of conformance is available on the PREMIS website at:

In 2013 a Conformance Working Group, comprised of some members of the PREMIS Editorial Committee and other PREMIS implementers, was struck to draft a new conformance statement and update that document. The reason for this is that some members of the PREMIS community expressed the concern that the existing conformance statement was not stringent enough to ensure that "conformant" repositories were in fact implementing the PREMIS Data Dictionary in a way that supported consistency and inter-repository data exchange.  The Working Group accordingly drafted a new statement for release by the PREMIS Editorial Committee. This statement was disseminated in draft form on the PREMIS Implementer's Group discussion list in July 2014, and finalized in April of this year.

The old statement stressed the principles of use for semantic units and the Data Dictionary as a whole - i.e. the correct use of the semantic units plus the implementation of mandatory semantic units in any given entity (Object, Event, Agent, Rights). It also stipulated that the information be recoverable from a system in a way that linked the semantic units to its corresponding entity. These requirements have been kept; however, the new statement also introduces a graduated series of conformance levels, and stipulates that any conformant implementation must include, at a minimum, the mandatory elements in the Object entity. The levels are built around three ways of implementing PREMIS: being able to map preservation metadata to PREMIS, being able to export preservation metadata as PREMIS, and using PREMIS as an internal schema in a way that does not require any further mapping or conversion.

The PREMIS Editorial Committee would like to thank the Conformance Working Group for their work on this project: Peter McKinney (NLNZ), Evelyn McLellan (Artefactual), Rebecca Guenther (Chair, PREMIS EC), Joe Pawletko (NYU), Angela DiIorio (Sapienza University, Rome), Amy Kirchoff (Portico), Jan Hutar (Statistics NZ).