When a person changes their name (including due to a gender change), the later form of name becomes the authorized access point unless the earlier name continues to be the name by which they are best known (see Kennedy, Caroline).  They only have one identity, in RDA-speak.

I won't speak to the issue of the term in the 375, but in case anyone notices, the 378 should have been deleted when the name was changed.  That was an oversight that will get fixed as soon as OCLC once again allows editing of the record.  Unfortunately there's no way to record the fuller form of an earlier name.

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> Hi everybody,
> Hope you’re having a good day. I was just wondering about how people feel about the 375 in this record.  That’s the first time I’ve actually someone explicitly identified as transgender in a 375, but I can’t help wondering whether they would want to be labeled as such. I am just curious and wanted to be respectful to anyone whose NAR I am working with in the future.
> Thanks!!
> Laura
> ____
> 010  n  79022162
> 040  DLC ǂb eng ǂe rda ǂc DLC ǂd WaU
> 046  ǂf 19491028
> 1001 Jenner, Caitlyn, ǂd 1949-
> 370  Mount Kisco (N.Y.) ǂc United States ǂe Malibu (Calif.) ǂ2 naf
> 372  Decathlon ǂa Acting ǂ2 lcsh
> 373  Olympic Games (20th : 1972 : Munich, Germany) ǂa Olympic Games (21st : 1976 : Montréal, Québec) ǂ2 naf
> 374  Decathletes ǂa Olympic athletes ǂa Actors ǂa Television personalities ǂ2 lcsh
> 375  transgender woman
> 375  female ǂs 2015
> 375  male ǂs 1949 ǂt 2015
> 377  eng
> 378  ǂq William Bruce
> 4001 Jenner, Bruce, ǂd 1949- ǂw nne
> 4001 Jenner, William Bruce, ǂd 1949-
> 670  His Decathlon challenge, c1977.
> 670  Wikipedia, February 8, 2015 ǂb (Bruce Jenner; William Bruce Jenner (born October 28, 1949) is a former U.S. track and field athlete and current television personality. He won the gold medal in the decathlon at the 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal; born Mt. Kisco, New York; residence: Malibu, California; tenth place at the 1972 Summer Olympics held in Munich, Germany; following Jenner's Olympic victory, his professional career led to new success in television. By 1981, he had starred in several made-for-TV movies and was Erik Estrada's replacement briefly on the top-rated TV series CHiPs; nominated for the 1980 Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Actor for his performance in Can't Stop the Music. That was the end of his theatrical movie career until he appeared in 2011's Jack and Jill in a scene with Al Pacino as an actor in a play)
> 670  Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender woman, via NBC News website, April 24, 2015 ǂb (Former Olympic champion and reality television star Bruce Jenner broke the silence on transitioning to a woman Friday [April 24, 2015], telling ABC's Diane Sawyer, "For all intents and purposes, I am a woman") ǂu
> 670  Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, debuts on the cover of Vanity Fair, via CBC News website, posted Jun 01, 2015, viewed June 2, 2015 ǂb (Caitlyn Jenner; transgender Olympic gold medallist and reality star makes public debut as a woman; the iconic U.S. Olympian and parent in the extended Kardashian family formerly known as Bruce Jenner debuted as a woman Monday [June 1, 2015] on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine) ǂu
> 670  Wikipedia, June 2, 2015 ǂb (Caitlyn Jenner (born October 28, 1949), formerly known as Bruce Jenner; American former track and field athlete and current television personality; born William Bruce Jenner, Mount Kisco, New York; residence: Malibu, California; other names: Bruce Jenner (1949-2015))
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