Dealing with "more about [his/her] inner life" is a matter of concern to biographers, NOT catalogers.  The variant names are the important part in the case of Chaz vs. Chastity vs. Frank, not the matter of gender.  In the extremely overwhelming, vast majority of cases that we deal with in PCC, gender is an element that really is not necessary AT ALL.  What's wrong with treating it as an element to be used only as a last resort, when absolutely nothing else distinguishes two different people?


The set of RDA elements and the MARC tag definitions are not a set of boxes that all have to be filled with something because they're there.  They are things to be used as necessary to fulfill the purpose of the authority record.


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Cataloging is mostly of published resources. How much access to a writer’s inner soul can a cataloger expect to have?


Think of this example. We’re still discovering writings by Ernest Hemingway from what I understand. As we find more things by him, we will learn more about his inner life. Chaz Bono may have been male in some sense before 2008, but I believe that’s when he started calling himself Chaz. However, let’s say that 50 years from now, after Chaz has passed away, someone unearths another writing by him from 2005 where he calls himself Chaz. Or maybe Frank. That would be grounds for changing the date in the 375.


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