In response to his I have revised the authority record for Big Freedia and changed the 375 to male, with evidence from Amber Billey’s article in a 670.

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Subject: [PCCLIST] Gender and RDA, a follow-up




A quick follow-up post on the recent discussion about gender and RDA 9.7.  The discussion raised concerns about statements made in LC training materials prepared a few years ago, early in the RDA training period.  On reflection, we share those concerns.  We will be removing outdated training videos and updating other training materials at some point soon after ALA.  We assure you that any unfortunate statements used in the training materials were not intended to be offensive. Please accept our apologies.


It is important to keep in mind what RDA actually says.  This was summarized well in a message from Kathy Glennan on June 10th: the vocabulary at RDA is not a closed list, and other terms may be used when none of the terms listed are appropriate or sufficiently specific.  Kathy also reminded the list that gender is an optional element in RDA, not something that must be included. 


LC/PCC has no policy for providing the element, this is left to cataloger judgment. The old maxim “if in doubt, leave it out” is sound advice.


The DCM Z1 for MARC 375 also provides flexibility, as stated by earlier commenters.  DCM Z1 only encourages the use of terms over codes in the 375 field, and is in no way intended to require only terms from the RDA vocabulary in


As always, NACO members encountering incorrect information in authority records, including the 375 field, are encouraged to correct the information.


Thanks to all for the thoughtful responses that raised many issues for further consideration. 


Dave Reser