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ALCTS CRS Holdings Information Committee Forum

Time:                    Saturday, June 27, 2015, 3:00-4:00

Location:              Moscone Convention Center, 3002 (W)

Please join us for two presentations on holdings data in GOKb and BIBFRAME.

Kristen Wilson, Associate Head, Acquisitions and Discovery, GOKb Editor, North Carolina State University Libraries, will speak on The Global Open Knowledgebase (GOKb), a partnership between Kuali OLE and Jisc. GOKb is an open data repository of information related to electronic resources as they are acquired and managed by libraries. Holdings information is a core component of GOKb. This presentation will describe the ways in which GOKb has addressed holdings information so far, as well as some of the challenges and opportunities that the project has identified as a result of this work.

Xiaoli Li , Co-Head of Content Support Services, Department at the University of California (UC) Davis General Library, will speak on the potential for rich bibliographic description of resources that BIBFRAME offers. However linking these resources to library holdings data is not natively part of the BIBFRAME framework. How will serials cataloging be impacted by implementation of BIBFRAME? How will libraries handle their holdings data in BIBFRAME description? This presentation will shed some light on these issues. Xiaoli will share what UC Davis has learned from their experiment with converting serials from MARC to BIBFRAME. She will also present her thoughts on what libraries will need to do in order to move their legacy serial bibliographic and holdings data into BIBFRAME.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Violeta Ilik on behalf of the ALCTS CRS Holdings Information Committee

Violeta Ilik
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