Amy:  In the PCC Training Manual for Applying Relationship Designators in Bibliographic Records ( on pages 10-11, there are examples for using "author" as  the RD for a "corporate name author".  My guess is that a 700 with "author" for the personal name AAP would also be appropriate.


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Subject: [PCCLIST] relationship designator for main entry of a museum catalog


Museums are considered creators of their catalogs, according to RDA and its LC-PCC PS (as far as I can tell, unchanged from AACR2 and the LCRIs).   I don’t see a specific relationship designator for this case in Appendix I.  So would “author” be appropriate?  If there is also a person who is presented on the title page as author of the catalog, would the museum get the main entry with $e author and the person an added entry, also with $e author? 




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