Dear colleagues:


I am struggling with updating the NARs for two related conferences (both with the delightful 667 THIS 1XX FIELD CANNOT BE USED UNDER RDA UNTIL THIS RECORD HAS BEEN REVIEWED AND/OR UPDATED).


The existing NARs are:


ARN 263096

n  79029429 

1112 International Meeting on Modern Ceramics Technologies


ARN 4121548

n  96800349

1112 Forum on New Materials


The works I am cataloging were issued in conjunction with CIMTEC (which appears as a see reference on the first NAR above). The prefaces state: “CIMTEC 2014 consisted of two major events: the 13th International Ceramics Congress … and the 6th Forum on New Materials.” The web site for CIMTEC 2014 agrees:


Despite what is in the existing NAR, it seems to me that the International Meeting on Modern Ceramics Technologies is not a variant name for CIMTEC (not a one to one relationship), but a part of CIMTEC (a part to whole relationship), as is the Forum on New Materials.


Hence, we would need a separate, new NAR for International Ceramics Congress. But then what happens to International Meeting on Modern Ceramics Technologies? It appears to be the “parent” for lack of a better word to the two “major events.”


This is what I’m considering. I would appreciate some feedback on this:


Rework the existing NAR as CIMTEC. Remove 411 for International Ceramics Congress.


Create a new NAR for International Ceramics Congress, with a 511 to CIMTEC as the Hierarchical superior.


Modify existing NAR for Forum on New Materials, also with 511 to CIMTEC.



Thoughts? Ideas? Sympathies?



Michael Colby
Principal Cataloger
University of California, Davis
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