Series are eligible for ISSN and many CONSER series authority records have ISSN.  The ISSN Portal also contains records and ISSN for series worldwide.  

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Subject: Re: [BIBFRAME] Proposal for treatment of series in BIBFRAME

  22.07.2015 , 16:59  Karen Coyle:
> It makes little sense to create a blank node when an identity can be 
> created. True, there will not be authoritative identifiers for all (or 
> even most?) series, but merging can take place over time until most 
> series have a useful identifier.
One might look elsewhere for series authority records. There are literally many tens of thousands, for almost all the mentionable series in the world, in the DNB central database for periodicals and series, the "Zeitschriftendatenbank" (ZDB), something much like the CONSER project. Bibliographically, the ZDB is not less ambitious than CONSER.
Those data are even available free of charge, and in MARC21.
Series volumes have been routinely linked to those authority records for decades, in our utilities' databases. So, even those links are already there, for considerable amounts of all the worlds series volumes.