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> As Rob Sanderson has stated, other communities can/should
> continue to define more title types for specific domains.

Agreed.  The list you suggested and the MARC 246 captions are print-centric.  Even a "containerTitle" makes inroads into the non-print realm.

> 3.) Title parts- Could LOC add a bf:nonSort property? Or… Consider
> making the title parts resources themselves. I bring the latter up
> because sometimes works have repeating same title parts, e.g.
> MainTitle: Subtitle: Subtitle: PartNumber. Without these title parts
> modeled as resources it’s difficult to do ordering. It would be hard
> to tell which bf:subTitle precedes the other if they are blank nodes?

There's also the connecting multiple parallel subtitles with their respective parallel title proper brethren, such as:
 Main title: Ein Garten Eden
 Main subtitle: Meisterwerke der botanischen Illustration
 Parallel title: Garden Eden
 Parallel subtitle: masterpieces of botanical illustration
 Parallel title: Un jardin d'Eden
 Parallel subtitle: chefs-d'oeuvre

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