Just a friendly reminder that there are just two weeks left to take the International Linked Data Survey for Implementers. If you have implemented or are implementing a linked data project or service, we would really like to hear from you!

Many thanks to those of you who have already responded – much appreciated!

Karen Smith-Yoshimura
OCLC Research

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Posted on behalf of my colleague,

OCLC Research is repeating its survey to learn details of specific projects or services that format metadata as linked data and/or make subsequent uses of it. Many in the libraries/archives/museum community are excited by the potential of linked data applications to make new, valuable uses of existing metadata.

If you or a colleague have implemented or are implementing linked data projects or services-either by publishing data as linked data or ingesting linked data resources into your own data or applications-please take the survey at

Expected time to complete the survey: 15-20 minutes for each project described. We ask that responses be completed by 17 July 2015.

As with last year’s survey, examples collected will be shared for the benefit of others wanting to undertake similar efforts, wondering what is possible to do and how to go about it. Participating institutions will be identified with the projects described, but contact information will be held confidential. Responses to this survey will be valuable to others who are also interested in starting Linked Data projects.

If you took the survey last year, please take this year’s as well, as things might have changed. The questions are the same, but some multiple choice questions have additional options taken from the “other” responses in last year’s survey, and some open-ended questions have been changed to multiple choice, again based on last year’s responses. You can check what you answered last year on this publicly available spreadsheet, “Results of Linked Data Survey for Implementers<>”

Please feel free to share the above link to the survey. We’d like as many responses as possible!

With thanks,
Karen Smith-Yoshimura
OCLC Research