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Chen, Wai-Fah. 1995. *The civil engineering handbook*. Boca Raton: CRC
Press. 2609 p. OCLC #31710184

McMaster, Robert Charles. 1959. *Nondestructive testing handbook, edited
for the Society for Nondestructive Testing [by] Robert C. McMaster, editor*.
New York: Ronald Press Co. OCLC #1631861. Volumes 1 & 2.

American Institute of Physics, Bruce H. Billings, and Dwight E. Gray.
1972. *American
Institute of Physics handbook*. New York: McGraw-Hill. 3rd ed. OCLC #484327

Condon, Edward Uhler, and Hugh Odishaw. 1967. *Handbook of physics*. New
York: McGraw-Hill. 2nd ed. OCLC #537228

French, Thomas Ewing, and Charles J. Vierck. 1972. *Engineering drawing and
graphic technology*. New York: McGraw Hill.  11th ed. OCLC #204409

American Concrete Institute. 1975. *ACI manual of concrete inspection*.
Detroit: American Concrete Institute. 6th ed. OCLC #1395963

Zimmerman, O. T., and Irvin Lavine. 1949. *Scientific and technical
abbreviations, signs and symbols*. Dover, N.H.: Industrial Research
Service. 2nd ed. OCLC #1083429

Plummer, Harry C., and Leslie J. Reardon. 1943. *Principles of brick
engineering; handbook of design*. Washington, D.C.: Structural Clay
Products Institute.  OCLC #1966725

Schmutz, George L., and Edwin M. Rams. 1963. *Condemnation appraisal
handbook*. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall.  OCLC #1338671

Flügge, Wilhelm. 1962. *Handbook of engineering mechanics*. New York:
McGraw-Hill.  1st ed. OCLC #562625

Potter, James H. 1967. *Handbook of the engineering sciences*. Princeton,
N.J.: Van Nostrand.  v. 1. The basic sciences. OCLC #561551

Graham, James A., John F. Millan, and Franklin J. Appl. 1968. *Fatigue
design handbook; a guide for product design and development engineers*. New
York: Society of Automotive Engineers.  Advances in engineering v. 4. OCLC

Ernst, Richard. 1978. *Dictionary of engineering and technology: with
extensive treatment of the most modern techniques and processes* (1975
[i.e. 1978]) Wörterbuch der industriellen Technik. 4th ed., completely
rev. and enl. Oxford University Press. 2 volumes. Volume 1. German to
English – Volume 2. English to German. OCLC #7329220

Harris, Cyril M. 1975. *Dictionary of architecture and construction*. New
York: McGraw-Hill. OCLC #1111477

United States. Bureau of Reclamation. 1957. *Hydraulic and excavation
tables*. Washington: Govt. Print. Office. 11th ed. OCLC #6869801

Maynard, Harold B. 1971. *Industrial engineering handbook*. New York:
McGraw-Hill. 3rd ed. OCLC #206045

*International journal for numerical methods in biomedical engineering*.
[Chichester, England]: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. (4 items) Vol. 17, no. 2,
February 1981; Vol. 17, no. 7, July 1981; Vol. 17, no. 9, September 1981;
Vol. 17, no. 12, December 1981.

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. 1980. *Blasters' handbook*. Wilmington,
De: E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. 175th Anniversary ed. OCLC #8339848.

Challinor, John. 1967. *A dictionary of geology*. Cardiff: Wales U.P.;
Oxford University Press. 3rd ed.  OCLC #545118

Bates, Robert Latimer, and Julia A. Jackson. 1984. *Dictionary of
geological terms*. Garden City, N.Y.: Anchor Press/Doubleday.  3rd ed.,
Anchor books ed. OCLC #9412868

Spock, Leslie Erskine. 1953. *Guide to the study of rocks*. New York:
Harper. Harper’s geoscience series. OCLC #552193

Fairbridge, Rhodes W. 1972. *The encyclopedia of geochemistry and
environmental sciences*. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. Encyclopedia
of earth sciences, v. 4A.  OCLC #482080

Keroher, Grace C. 1966. *Lexicon of geologic names of the United States for
1936-1960*. Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off. Geological Survey Bulletin
1200. 3 volumes (iv, 4341 pages). pt. 1. A-F -- pt. 2. G-0 -- pt. 3. P-Z.
OCLC #547408

Keroher, Grace C. 1970. *Lexicon of geologic names of the United States for
1961-1967*. Washington: U.S. Govt. Print. Off. Geological Survey Bulletin
1350. OCLC #123844

Luttrell, Gwendolyn Lewise Werth. 1981. *Lexicon of geologic names of the
United States for 1968-1975*. Washington: U.S. G.P.O. Geological Survey
bulletin 1520. OCLC #7283755

Russell, Edward J. 1932. *Soil conditions and plant growth*. London:
Longmans, Green and Co. 6th ed. The Rothamsted monographs on agricultural
science. OCLC #2617611

United States. *List of published soil surveys, 1992*. Washington, D.C.:
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service.