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The RDA/ONIX Framework for Resource Categorization (5JSC/Chair/10) is the
basis for terms in the RDA carrier, content, and media type vocabularies.
Each term is related to a set of Framework attributes covering the basic
carrier and content categories. The Framework also provides a mechanism for
extending and refining the categories.

The JSC is pleased to announce the publication of Guidelines for proposing
new carrier and content categories and terms in RDA (6JSC/ROFWG/3). The
Guidelines are accompanied by a map of current RDA carrier, content, and
media type terms to the Framework attributes (6JSC/ROFWG/3/Categories).
These documents will be useful to JSC members and RDA communities that are
considering new terms for RDA and for applications using RDA data.

The JSC RDA/ONIX Working Group reviewed JSC recommendations for extension
and revision of the Framework in 2014 (6JSC/ROFWG/2) and was asked to
develop documentation to ensure that development of RDA categories remained
consistent and compatible with the Framework.

The Working Group also made proposals in 2014 for a namespace for a linked
data version of the Framework (6JSC/ROFWG/2). The RDA Development Team has
created an element set and value vocabularies for the Framework in the RDA
Registry, included in release v2.3.0 of the RDA Vocabularies.

The RDA Registry also includes value vocabularies for RDA refinements of
the Framework concepts, and alignments and maps between RDA terms and
Framework values.

Alignments and maps between ISBD content forms and media types and the
Framework are made available in the RDA Registry on behalf of the ISBD
Review Group. The Framework is intended for use as a hub for mapping
carrier and content categories used by different communities, and this data
will allow RDA and ISBD data to interoperate more effectively.

The JSC welcomes the availability of these new tools to improve the use of
RDA data by a wider variety of communities.

For further information, see:

* 6JSC/ROFWG/1 (Proposals for a namespace for the Framework):
* 6JSC/ROFWG/2 (JSC recommendations for extension and revision of the
* 6JSC/ROFWG/3 (Guidelines for proposing new carrier and content categories
and terms in RDA):
* 6JSC/ROFWG/3/Categories (RDA carrier and content categories):
* RDA/ONIX Framework in the RDA Registry:
* RDA Vocabularies releases:

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