On 8/10/15 11:19 AM, Adam L. Schiff wrote:
> First issue of a series has the title "Publications in librarianship". 
>  The next issue has "Publications on librarianship". Cataloger 
> cataloging the second issue does not find an entry for the series. 
>  They see an entry for the title on the earlier issue.  Is it the same 
> thing?  Do they link to it or create a new entry for the title on the 
> issue they have?  All this involves some effort and time.  LC and 
> others no longer take the time to do this work now.  Will they resume 
> it in the future?  Must they?

The use of identifiers is irrelevant to this question. I don't know what 
else to say about that, except that whether you like it or not, data 
that is handled by computers uses identifiers, not strings, to create 
identity. It worries me greatly that there is such a huge disconnect 
between cataloging and computing, because all cataloging today is 
actually managed by computers, and cataloging that doesn't recognize 
this*... well, it's frightening.



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