On 8/25/15 1:28 AM, Thomas Berger wrote:
> bf:contributor [
>    a bf:Contributor ;
>    bf:role<>  ;
>    bf:role<>  ;
>    bf:agent<>  ;
>    bf:agent<>  ].
> (MARC semantics: two different roles for one bibliographic
> identity accounted for in different authority files)

Wouldn't it be preferable that any equivalence between agent identifiers 
be declared outside of the instance data for a bibliographic resource? 
Logically, the information that they are equivalent is not related to a 
particular bibliographic resource, but is a fact related to the agents 
themselves. It should hold true for all instances.

(This brings up the question of usage of VIAF identifiers in the place 
of specific authority control identifiers, but that's another topic.)


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