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Am 26.08.2015 um 17:44 schrieb Steven Folsom:

> throughout this thread (and in the VIAF data) authority URIs being use
> as the objects of properties where instead person, places, etc. URIs
> should be. For example, (as previously mentioned) VIAF has separate UR
> for the person and the authority, but then they go on to make a sameAs
> assertion between the VIAF *person* and an *authority*. I
> hope this is just a mistake, and that they would be open to making the
> sameAs assertion between the VIAF foaf:Document and the
> authority.

But VIAF uses schema:sameAs
"URL of a reference Web page that unambiguously indicates the item's

which is quite different from owl:sameAs.

> For example: has a URI for
> the document ("“) and another for Carl S
> himself ("”, without the trailing slash).

In the example I see schema:sameAs properties only attached to the
concept URI. E.g. the following document should be (tried to) retrieved
for identifying information:

(and we have to retrieve that document in search for an LC identifier,
since the RDF representation of the VIAF cluster does not provide one).

I don't see any place where VIAF declares identity of different concept
URIs (as opposed to the GND behavior where it is stated

          owl:sameAs <>)

> The Person URI has sameAs assertions with both authorities and entitie
> modeled as persons.

can you elaborate on this? I'm not sure if VIAF contributors already
have a stringent (and stable) distinction between information resources
("authorities"?) and concept URIs (RWOs?). And use of schema:sameAs
somehow enforces the interpretation as information resouce URI even if
they smell of concept URIs as in the case of

So for an entity VIAF reports a number of *documents* which each
claym to (sufficiently) identify the entity in question. I'd consider
that a very careful approach, especially VIAF is in no position
to boldly declare identity of the concepts contributed by different
sources into one cluster.

Then, VIAF kind of declares its resolving functionality:

<> [
 a <"> ;
 skos:inScheme <> ;
 skos:prefLabel "Sagan, Carl, 1934-1996" ;
 foaf:focus <"> ].

I interpret that as a "hook": Feel free to identify the LCAuth
concept URI of your choice with
and the graph above then serves the connection between "your" concept
and the RWO identified by the VIAF URI.

viele Gruesse
Thomas Berger
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