Am 27.08.2015 um 04:22 schrieb Karen Coyle:
> Agreed, for contemporary persons. But the number of VIAF-related WP
> articles is relatively small, as I recall - a few tens of thousands?

counts almost 900.000 wikidata items with VIAF numbers (total numbers
are about 29M VIAF clusters and about 15M Wikidata items). To
be more precise: about 2.8M Wikidata items are biographical in
nature and of these about 800.000 carry at least one VIAF identifier.
Given the amount of politicians, actors, chess and soccer players and
other celebrities covered this could come close to saturation. On the
other hand VIAF is actively ingesting wikidata and currently records
about 1.000.000 wikidata items (counting multiples in one cluster).

> Where we can link them up, though, WP Infoboxes/WikiData can provide a
> lot of usable information. But it's a drop in the bucket since most
> people and organizations in the library authority files are not going to
> meet Wikipedia's guidelines for notability (as you know from AfD*).

Since all wikidata "claims" eventually should be "sourced" by references
and references in turn can be expressed as wikidata items (being
"books", "articles", "works", "editions": naively or FRBRized as you
like it), and in that situation must carry links to their authors,
publishers, and so on as wikidata items (there are almost no places in
Wikidata where you can just dump some textual information): The
/Wikidata/ guidelines for notability necessarily include any entity
which may be identified in library contexts.

viele Gruesse
Thomas Berger