The following three proposals have been added to the list of BIBFRAME Vocabulary Change Proposals


·         BIBFRAME Identifier Proposal [PDF, 47KB] (August 12, 2015)

·         BIBFRAME  Role Proposal [PDF, 56KB] (August 12, 2015)

·         BIBFRAME Authority Proposal [PDF, 45KB] (August 12, 2015)


The Library of Congress is releasing these three proposals together because they are interdependent.  The Role and Authority proposals reference each other, and both reference the Identifier proposal. We recommended reading them in this order: Identifier, Role, Authority.


Comments and discussion are invited on these proposals using this LISTSERV ([log in to unmask]). During this week (August 17-21), Library of Congress staff are unlikely to participate in any discussion because most are away, but they will join in on the discussion when they return.