Hello All,

The Texas A&M University Libraries is working on a project to digitize our
campus newspapers and we believe Chronam would be a great system for
viewing and managing the collection.  We have the viewer installed and have
ingested a couple of sample batches and the system appears to be working
very well.  We would now like to start adding our local content.

We are looking for some guidance on how to prepare batches for a local
ingest, that is, a non-NDNP submission as I have learned its called.  I
would be interested in hearing how other institutions prepare their batches
and just what is required for an ingest of a batch.  All our experience has
been with sample batches downloaded from LOC.  We have been using the
technical guidelines for the NDNP project as a roadmap and those have been
very helpful.

We are starting with TIFFs and based on the information from the
guidelines, we are creating the compressed JPEG2000 files as well as the
OCR files.  If there are scripts or programs that help with this process,
such as appending the metadata to the JP2 files or creating the METS files,
I would be happy to hear about them.  I also believe we probably need to
update the MySQL database with information for our site, possibly the
"titles" table.  The folks at the University of Oregon Libraries have been
very helpful and they suggested I post to this list for any additional


Michael W. Bolton  |  Assistant Dean, Digital Initiatives
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