One company name that crops up on YouTube frequently in regard to music
files is Orchard Enterprises, whose copyright may be seen on
releases from Sony, Documents and other labels -- it's quite ubiquitous. I
was curious about them, so I looked them up on NASDAQ, which

"Digital Music Group, Inc. was incorporated in April 2005 to become a
leading owner of digital rights to music and other sound recordings and
distributor of these recordings to online music stores. Concurrently with
the completion of this offering, we have agreed to acquire Digital

That's where it runs out. The company link provided does not work for me.

I note their copyright on a recording by Cecil Young. Young's album "A
Concert of Cool Jazz" was recorded in Seattle in 1951 by Young himself
and provided to Syd Nathan, who released it on King Records as its first
10" LP the following year. King discontinued making 10" LPs in 1956,
and this particular album has never been offered again. Young died around
1976, and the recordings made by King belong to Gusto, which has
never revived this particular recording.

Orchard's copy is in poor condition and certainly does not involve any kind
of tape. They frequently issue takedown notices to other users, as per My concern is that who
would issue a takedown notice to them when they are infringing on
something in the public domain? Which I suspect the Cecil Young recording
would be -- it was issued just that one time, in 1952, and was never
seen again.


David N. Lewis
Hamilton, OH