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Regarding techs in the future, I have been doing this work for 15 years and 
have found it very difficult to find steady work. I have been fortunate to 
work on several large-scale projects of significant historical value, but in 
the last several years, grant funding has dwindled and holding entities are 
unwilling, or unable to fund preservation projects. The most common thing I 
have heard is "We wish we could hire you, but we have no funding". I get 
dribs and drabs,  but large projects with adequate funding are few and far 
between. For the past two years I have been studying web development because 
my audio preservation work has not been enough to sustain me. Just the other 
day I saw an article that said there are an estimated 43 million hours of 
analog tape that has not been preserved. If even 10% of that is content that 
is historically valuable, that is 400,000 hours. People should be beating 
down a path to my door, but they aren't. I'm not good at marketing my 
skills, I'm just an audio geek that loves working with obsolete media. But I 
don't think that's the reason. The reason is that there are precious little 
funding available and very little concern for deteriorating assets. In the 
current economic climate, I do not see this situation improving, and I would 
be very hesitant to recommend that a student pursue audio preservation as an 
And that makes me sad.

-Matt Sohn

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