Hello, Dave and all,

There appears to me to be far more material in need of finding a home 
than can easily be found.

Fortunately, by early-2000s project of archiving everything of 
Marie-Lynn Hammond's ( was successful and was 
accepted by Library and Archives Canada a while ago. In this case, all 
of the quarter-inch tape material had been digitized by me at my own 
personal expense. But, I had the good fortune that she was already on 
the archive's radar as someone to archive.

Recently, I've been talking to a major archive of traditional music 
because, a few years ago, I was paid to digitize a bit over 100 reels of 
Arab folk music field recordings by the original producer/recordist.

Considering the volatility of the region I am concerned about finding a 
home for these recordings outside of the region. The producer has ties 
to France and he's looking for an archive there and I'm looking for one 
in North America on the basis that "Lots of copies keeps stuff safe."

When I spoke with the major archive, I was told that the fact that I had 
already digitized them (and they were aware of the quality of the work I 
did) that would be a plus in accepting the collection. So far, no 
motion, but I haven't pushed the string either.

One of the challenges is that when archives make in-house digital copies 
(even for CD release) it is sometimes not done on the quality of 
equipment or with the attention to detail that many of us who frequent 
this list would use.



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