This gear was previously offered for sale but now REDUCED in price to VERY AGGRESSIVE low price 

PLEASE PING OFF-LIST if interested, and let's close the deal soon. I'd like to ship all of this out 
by the 25th, while I still have a shipping room in which to pack it up.

1. A Yamaha DSP-A3090 multi-channel integrated A/V amp with surround sound digital processing 
This unit is in excellent shape and includes manual and remote control. Really neat, feature-packed 
heart of a home theater system! $100 plus shipping.

2. Yamaha DEQ7 digital effects processor. Here is the Yamaha manual, PDF from Yamaha's website:
A working unit recently went for $80 on eBay. I'll take $50 plus shipping. Unit only, you download 
and print the manual PDF from the link above.

3. Two (2) Samson Servo 150 power amps. Industrial-strength, useful in DIY bass rigs, DIY PA rigs, 
commercial installs, etc. They are usable to monitor most amateur recordings being transferred, not 
music-master quality. Also fine for video sound.
Both amps work just fine. One recently sold for $70 with shipping on eBay:
I will beat that price, $50 for each amp ($100 for both), plus shipping.

4. Audio Design and Manufacturing PS-10 massive 24VDC regulated power supply. 24V, 10amps! Monster 
mother. Rack-mount and HEAVY. FREE for the cost of shipping. It will need to be boxed and shipped 
from local UPS store, so plan to pay a little extra for the box and packing. Two of these things 
powered an entire 24x16 ADM console back in the early 70s day. This thing's been tested and it works 
well, holds voltage while adequately heating a power resistor to fry bacon. With built-in current 
sensing, it will provide 24 clean volts for years and years. Built like a Mack truck for 
reliability. I don't need it but would hate to just toss such a monster brick you know what house.

5. Inovonics 370 Electronics. These were 1980s vintage replacement electronics for Ampex 
300/350/AG440 machines. They were also used in some Magnatech film dubbers. I have four for sale, 
sold in pairs, $100 plus shipping per pair or $200 plus shipping for all four electronics. All 
include original documentation and all are in like-new physical condition. That's $50 per channel, 
and they don't weigh very much so shipping won't add much.

6. a single Inovonics 375 electronics plus a spare electronics card for it. This was built as a 
replacement electronics for an Ampex 300/350/354/351. $20 plus shipping. Great for a kludged up 
slap-back machine!

7. Yamaha CDC-765 5-disc CD changer, with original box, documentation and remote control. It worked 
like new the last time it was used (several years ago). Yours for $40 plus shipping. It's still 
great to put in 5 CDs and hit random play!

Again, please ping OFF-LIST, and let's make a deal quickly. Thanks!

-- Tom Fine