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     On Tuesday, September 8, 2015 5:08 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

 Everything described clearly, all priced at low end of completed eBay in recent times.

1. RCA 74b Junior Velocity ribbon mic, needs repair but ribbon is present. It can be repaired for a
reasonable price by Clarence Kane in NJ. The model I'm selling is similar to what's pictured here:
but mine is BLACK with SILVER RCA brand (old style with lightening bolt under the letters). $350 and
I will pay shipping to either you or Clarence Kane (make arrangements for repair in advance with
Clarence and e-mail me the RMA number)..

2. Two (2) Samson Servo 150 power amps. Industrial-strength, useful in DIY bass rigs, DIY PA rigs,
commercial installs, etc.
Both amps work just fine. One recently sold for $70 with shipping on eBay:
I will match that price, for each amp ($140 for both). Shipping will be either UPS Ground or USPS
Parcel Post, whichever costs less to your address.

3. Matin Audio Corp. Pic-Sync tone generator. This is a highly specialized thing for antique
film-sound systems. Yours for the cost of shipping (figure somewhere around $15, probably a couple
bucks less).

4. Audio Design and Manufacturing PS-10 massive 24VDC regulated power supply. 24V, 10amps! Monster
mother. Rack-mount and HEAVY. $10 plus shipping (the $10 is for the minutes it's going to take off
my life to move this thing). Will need to be boxed and shipped from local UPS store, so plan to pay
a little extra for the box and packing. Two of these things powered an entire 24x16 ADM console back
in the early 70s day. This thing's been tested and it works well, holds voltage while adequately
heating a power resistor to fry bacon.

5. Inovonics 370 Tape recorder Electronics. These were 1980s vintage replacement electronics for 
300/350/AG440 machines. They were also used in some Magnatech film dubbers. I have four for sale,
sold in pairs, $140 plus shipping per pair or $260 plus shipping for all four electronics. All
include original documentation and all are in like-new physical condition.

6. a single Inovonics 375 electronics plus a spare electronics card for it. This was built as a
replacement electronics for an Ampex 300/350/354/351. $25 plus shipping.

7. Yamaha CDC-765 5-disc CD changer, with original box, documentation and remote control. It worked
like new the last time it was used (several years ago). Yours for $50 plus shipping.

8. A pair of Mackie MR8mk3 powered monitors:
These go for about $300 a pair new. This pair is lightly used, new-like in appearance and comes
packed in original boxes with original documentation. $175 plus shipping for the pair. Very good for
a synth rig because these have plenty of bass power.

9. A Yamaha DSP-A3090 multi-channel integrated A/V amp with surround sound digital processing
This unit is in excellent shape and includes manual and remote control. $150 plus shipping.

10. Yamaha DEQ7 digital effects processor. Here is the Yamaha manual, PDF from Yamaha's website:
A working unit recently went for $80 on eBay. I'll take $75 plus shipping. Unit only, you download
and print the manual PDF from the link above.

Ping OFF-LIST if you want to buy any of this equipment. We must close the deal (ie you pay me and I
get it in the shipping system) before 9/25/15. Do not bother pinging me if you are flakey about
paying or start a deal and then don't finish it (you know you are -- most ARSC List members are 
great human beings, but we have a couple of chuckleheads among us who don't pay or don't complete 
deals). Feel free to pass
this list on to your (non-chucklehead) friends.

There will be more equipment for sale in the near future as I continue to reduce the pile.

Also, anyone in the Bedford Hills NY area on September 25 (a Friday), we are holding an open house 
giveaway of everything that remains at the Beverage Digest office, starting at 10AM. Likely such 
things as desks, file cabinets, bookshelves, work tables, some office supplies, etc. There will also 
likely be a large box of misc computer parts and supplies plus a few old but still useful computers. 
Everything that goes to a new home is less tonnage to pay the cleanout people to cart away. Bring a 
truck, SUV or van -- everything anyone wants to take away must be taken away that day.

-- Tom Fine