Hi Dave:

It's not just Chandos. My recommendation is remove ALL of those foam sheets. The ones made in Europe 
definitely deteriorate as you described. The ones made in the USA probably will too. That kind of 
foam is notorious for turning to goo. I think European laws required different petrochemicals to be 
used in it, so the European  variety seems to deteriorate faster, but it definitely happens with US 
products too. I can think of old (1960's and 70's) microphone cases, headphones, etc. where this has 
happened. I may be mistaken, but I think the US variety is more likely to deteriorate to powder that 
is somewhat sticky rather than a gooey ooze.

In short, putting foam-rubber sheets inside CD cases was a BAD idea! I think it was common in the 
80s and 90's, especially for 2- and 3-CD "jewel case" packaging.

Before you toss your Chandos CD, try very carefully cleaning it with Naptha. I think CD plastic can 
handle Naptha without clouding up. I don't think isopropynol will dissolve the goo.

-- Tom Fine

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Last night I pulled out a Chandos CD set that I had bought in the mid-'80s and was horrified to see 
that the foam sheet that was placed between facing CDs was rotting and adhering to the CDs. This 
residue seems to be unremovable, rendering the CDs unplayable. When I got home I checked other 
Chandos box sets and found the same problem developing. Strangely I looked at other brands similarly 
packaged and there didn't seem to be a problem. However I am now removing these sheets from ALL such