Gerry Samuel was GERARD in MSO. "GERHARD" was considered too Teutonic for
tender post-war sensibilities.


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> In response to David Lewis’s note, I think that the Gerard Samuel who was
> Assistant Conductor of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra in 1952 when the
> photograph Tom Hine has discussed and the Gerhard Samuel described by Lewis
> are different individuals. In Music and Maestros:  The Story of the
> Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra (Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota
> Press, 1952), John K. Sherman wrote, in describing the orchestra’s youthful
> transformations under Antal Dorati, “Young too was the new assistant
> conductor, Gerard Samuel, a violinist who showed authority and style on the
> few occasions when he took the orchestra’s reins.”  According to 1959-1960
> orchestra program booklets, Gerard Samuel still was conducting the
> Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, often in young people’s concerts or
> outstate appearances, such as in Rochester, MN, where the orchestra played
> the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 with its fabulous in-house pianist,
> Eva Knardahl.  Regrettably, I don’t know about Gerard Samuel’s later career.
> Jon Butler
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> Subject: Re: a piece of Minneapolis Symphony and Mercury Records history
> By the way, the name of the assistant is properly Gerhard Samuel rather
> than "Gerard." He taught at the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati
> later and I had some composition classes with him myself in the early
> 1980s. I do not have fond memories of that course, but that's at least how
> you
> spell the name (and find the person).
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