NLS Operations Alert 15-73


DATE                     :  September 3, 2015

TO                          :  Network Libraries

FROM                   :  Stephen Prine, Assistant Chief, Network Division

SUBJECT               :  Magazine on Cartridge delays


Because of continuing issues with the Library of Congress (LC) data center, patrons will

not receive Magazines on Cartridge (MOC) this week.


Last weekend, the LC performed an important annual data center maintenance task,

which required BARD to go offline for the weekend. When operations were restored on

Sunday, the data center had a major equipment failure that affected many of the LC’s

systems. This included BARD, which remains offline.


LC IT staff and the equipment vendor continue to work on restoring the systems and

bringing back-ups online. We do not have an estimate as to when BARD will be



These problems have also prevented our narration contractors from uploading books

and magazines and our duplication contractors from downloading picking lists for

magazine duplication. This means that our contractors have not been able to duplicate

magazines since last Friday. As a result, weekly magazine subscribers will not receive

their regular magazine cartridge this week.


NLS will resume sending audio magazines once the system is restored. Patrons will

receive their back issues, although we have not yet determined whether they will

receive a single cartridge with two issues of each weekly magazine or two separate



NLS will notify network libraries as soon as BARD and MOC are available.


For more information contact:

Stephen Prine

Assistant Chief, Network Division

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