Alternatively, I can see how the concept of distinguishing pseudonymous (i.e. different) "entities" who are the same "person", can be confusing for many people.
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When a person changes his or her name he/she remains the same person, the same entity … an entity can have one and only one authorized access point … based on the most commonly known form of the person's name.
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A female faculty member here co-wrote a book some years ago.  She has also spoken numerous times at a local lecture series.  I created a NAR for her in May 2007.  She married in 2011 and has written another book, using her husband's last name on the title page. According to (AACR2 22.2C1), I need to modify the NAR to reflect her most recent name.  I know that the person is the same, but the name is not.
Indicating that the first book was written by the name of the person who wrote the second is inaccurate.  The same is true of all the speeches she gave.  It seems to me that in my author's case she has changed her identity and that the works by the previous identity should reflect that in the catalog.  When a corporate body changes its name, a new NAR is created with references to and from the earlier name.  Does anyone know why personal names are treated this way?