Hello, all,

I'm cataloging a CD by the Polish rock or rap band Kazik na Żywo.  There is
a record in the NAF for Kazik na Żywa (no2002087629) and one record in
WorldCat (#223943233) for a CD with that access point.  However, when I do
an internet search for the titles cited (Las maquinas de la muerte from the
authority record, Poruzumienie ponad podziałami from the bib record), all
the results indicate Kazik na Żywo as the performing group.

I strongly suspect the access point in the NAF record has a typo and should
be Kazik na Żywo, but I feel hesitant to make so drastic a change to
another institution's record.  If anyone on the list actually has either CD
and can confirm the name of the performing group, that would be very
helpful.  Otherwise, what would be the best thing to do--refer the question
to LC to resolve; contact the institution that created the authority
record; or just replace the authority record based on the information I
have?  And if I replace it, do I keep the form Kazik na Żywa in a 410?  I
don't find any citations to that form outside the two records I've cited.

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