Hi, Ben,

You need to know two things to answer your question:  (1) is the current
country (Czech Republic, maybe?) a member of the EU?, and (2) what is the
date that the record was issued?  If the record was issued prior to 1961,
it should be in Public Domain in the EU.  It still might be if issued
later, but there are some questions to answer to determine that.  EU
extended the PD period from 50 to 70 years in 2011, but there are
conditions that have to be met for the extra 20 years to apply.  If issued
post 1965, it has not reached PD in EU.

As for whatever the copyright status is, if it has not reached PD, that
would be a question of Czech law.  Sorry, I can't help there.

If you can determine that it is in PD in EU, it is probably safe to make
use of it.  US state law can still enter the picture, and that is a big
inconsistent mess, but unless the present "owners" of the material are one
of the large record companies (you can probably research this on the
internet--look up the label), it should not be a problem.  The worst that
would happen is that you would have to take it down.

Best, John

On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 2:01 PM, James Roth <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Greetings all
> I just found an LP made either in Czechoslovakia or the Czech Republic.
> I need to know if we can upload it to the internet without any concerns
> about copyright.
> It's called Hudba Psanav Terezine
> Music written at Terezine
> It has
> 1. Sonata for piano by Gideon Klein
> 2. Trio for Violin, Viola and Cello by Gideon Klein
> 3. Piano Sonata No. 6 by Viktor Ullmann
> 4. Dance for violin, viola and cello by Hans Krasa
> 5. Four songs on Chinese Verse by Pavel Haas
> The label is Panton
> Cat No. is 8111 0509 G
> Can anyone tell me about this record?
> Might it be rare or just from out of town.
> Thanks!
> Ben Roth
>                           ?