On LP one of the 6-record set, there is more a low-level buzz than a hum. I think they did some 
mitigation, perhaps a hum filter, and the buzz is the low-level hash that rode above the hum. In any 
case, it's not terribly annoying on speakers. more annoying listening through headphones.

-- Tom Fine

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I happened to read a review of the Eloquence CDs just the other day in a back issue of Fanfare, Vol. 
31 #6, 7/8 2008. A dual(ing) review, one mostly negative, one mildly positive, the latter calling 
the sound "dynamic, if feral," and describing the playing as sometimes "scrappy" but "elsewhere the 
LSO play their hearts out, chasing the devil." The other guy acknowledges the set's historical 
significance, but praises only Kenneth Wilkinsin's Kingsway sound as "astonishingly clear, 
lifelike." He mentions there is a buzz throughout the 1st Symphony.

I have three of the Ace of Clubs pressings (not of the 1st). I wasn't bowled over by the 
performances, but this prompts me to give them another spin.

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People should be aware that these classic recordings are already available on two "Decca" CDs, here:


These Decca CD's sound far better than the prior incarnations on Beulah CDs (or any prior LPs), and 
it is hard to believe that the new LPs could possibly top these fantastic sounding CD's.  While I 
haven't heard the new LPs, I think they have to be truly superfluous.

I see on Amazon that there is also a Japanese CD set, which I know nothing about.

Anyone who loves these symphonies, as I do, has to hear these Collins recordings.  They are real 

John Haley

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> UMG/Decca Classics quietly released this new 6LP set:
> Having worked with UMG on both the release-prep and consumer-fan end
> of things, I am very impressed with this year's crop of vinyl reissue
> offerings. This set in particular has very nice sound quality,
> excellent manufacturing and a high-quality "artifact"-ness about it
> (nice sleeve graphics, high-quality reproduction of the FFRR labels,
> good booklet essay, etc).
> Pressed (180g, very flat LPs) at OptimalMedia, Germany.
> Most of all, the performances are superb. And, I usually don't go in
> for mono orchestral recordings, but the Decca guys knew how to do this
> well. I was amazed that the first 2 symphonies were recorded in 1952.
> -- Tom Fine