On 10/7/2015 10:40 AM, Tom Fine wrote:
> Didn't James Brown record a bunch of hits in that studio? Some local
> group should get up efforts to create the James Brown Museum and
> Educational Center there, like what Al Bell and others did with the Stax
> site (the old movie theater had been torn down so there's a new building
> on the site of what was Stax Studios and the Satellite Record Store). In
> this case, if the King studio building is still intact, they can do
> along the lines of what was done with the old Motown studio in Detroit
> -- set it up to operate and look like when James Brown was there. I know
> King did a bunch of other stuff, but wasn't James Brown the most famous,
> most likely to draw the most attention?

Along with the stanley Bros. If a re-creation of King's studios is 
created, I'd hope that it would include a 78 cutting lathe.

Incidentally, I believe Larry Vincent's Pearl label (party records) 
seems to have been cut and pressed by King. And didn't they do some 
klezmer records?


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